"Last night when I returned home after work, I noticed my blind 13-year old dog Buddy was missing from my back yard. Luckily, he was picked up and turned into the vet clinic. I would like to say how beautifully they cared for and loved Buddy. He walked through some weeds or a bush and got covered in seeds, the staff at the clinic were kind enough to wash him and get him looking back to normal before he came home. I was so worried due to his age and blindness, but felt so much comfort when I saw how well they looked after him. They treat their pets with love, I will definitely bring Buddy here for his next and all future check ups!"
Google Review 29.1.2023
"Over the years they have proven themselves professional and consistent. In the last few years they saved the life of my Kitten who was one in a million and just a few days ago helped my family say goodbye to our old dog in a very respectful and caring experience. Well done guys"
Google Review 13.01.2020
"So worried about our Puppet, and now quite quickly she is doing much better. Thank goodness for the warm friendly staff all is looking good. I'm so relieved we took her to Manly Vet Hospital, our go to vet from now on !"
Google Review 12.12.2019
"This morning I had to put to sleep my beautiful loyal loving friend who was almost 18 . He was half Pomeranian/Jack Russell. It was a very relaxing experience. So I want to thank the staff and the vet for being so caring and thoughtful. You made it a lot easier on the both of us.
Ann Brown
Google Review 15.1.2023
"Words can't describe how amazing the staff and vets are at this place, especially Dr Bree.
Highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a vet hospital."
Tabatha Harper
Google Review 7.1.2023
"Today was so tough. Our beloved Marshall was not well at all. MRVH, thank you so much for your understanding and allowing us to farewell our best buddy in a garden setting.
Your staff were so caring. Thank you so so much.
We won't forget you, our Marshymellow"
Google Review 13.10.2020
"Have always taken great care of the injured wildlife I've taken there, and looked after my kittens incredibly well.
Definitely recommend."
Google Review 18.01.2020