Puppy Pre-school with Treat Me Calm Dog Training

Zoe is the Founder and Principal Trainer of Treat Me Calm Dog Training
  • Zoe is a Certified Behavioural Dog Trainer and a Committee Member of the Pet Professional Guild Australia.
  • Zoe is the owner and director of Treat Me Calm Dog Training.
  • Zoe is a qualified dog trainer and is passionate and committed to assisting people to create a strong and lasting bond with their dogs.
  • Nurse Zoe also has 26 years experience as a Veterinary Nurse caring for sick and injured animals.
Build a solid foundation early!
Puppy Training     
Puppy 8-14 weeks
Senior Puppy 14 weeks - 10 months
Puppy classes are held on our MRVH hospital grounds on Sunday afternoons.
Puppy classes run for 5 weeks.
  • Our popular classes help you create a solid relationship with your puppy and help create a calm confident puppy.
  • You will learn how your puppy communicates and learns and the best way to train them.
  • Our classes cover socialisation and everything a new puppy parent needs.
  • Classes are kept small for individual attention.
You can contact Zoe for further information via the Treat Me Calm Website or email.
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