You have made the right decision for your precious family member.

As you prepare to bring your beloved furbaby to us for surgery, there are a few things you may need to consider.
Your precious dog or cat should be Fasted before coming in for surgery. They can have dinner the night before, but please do not give them food after 8pm. (They can have water overnight but remove the water by 6am.)
If it is possible, please give your dog a bath the day before surgery. This helps in two ways,firstly it will help limit the chances of contamination at the surgery site, and secondly, if your pet requires stitches they will not be able to have a bath or go swimming for at least two weeks after their surgery.
We understand that you may want to keep their security blanket or favourite toy with them, but they may get soiled inadvertently by your pet during their stay with us. It is best their comfort items stay nice and clean, awaiting them when they come home. (It is actually the perfect time to wash and or disinfect any much loved items.)
When your precious family member is admitted to our surgical ward, we require the Pet Parent (or the person who is responsible to make all decisions regarding treatment they are receiving that day.) To sign all surgical admission forms and be easily contactable throughout the day. Direct communication is vital and ensures continuity and clarity in communication while your special one is in our care.
Anaesthetic Blood Testing
We do recommend Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Testing - The purpose of this is to ensure that your pet's anaesthesia is as low risk as possible.  This screening process can rule out pre-existing conditions, e.g. kidney or liver disease, diabetes, anaemia etc. that may not otherwise be evident but could lead to complications. We will also perform a thorough physical examination on your pet prior to anaesthesia. There is an additional fee for this blood test.
If your pet is on daily medication, please bring this with you, including directions and dosage information to ensure we can continue this treatment while they are in our care.
Our number one priority is the care of your loved one. We will send you a text message or call you once your pet has left surgery and woken from their anaesthesia. Please be advised that emergency surgeries may arise throughout the day and may require priority treatment. Despite our best efforts, surgery schedules do not always run to plan.  Please be patient with our Team as they may not be able to contact you until later in the afternoon or early evening.
If your pet is coming in for castration or spey (desex) we just want to remind you that we are legally required to give them a tattoo on the inside their left ear.  This tattoo may scab over or even bleed a little after surgery, this will clear up in a couple of days.      
Sutures – If your pet has external sutures these will need to be removed within 10-14 days post surgery. Please keep the suture site clean and do not allow your pet into the water or bath them. Your pet is not allowed to lick at the surgical site so please check daily and purchase an Elizabethan Collar to prevent licking.  If allowed to lick the surgical site the area could break open and restitching at an additional cost will be required.         
A scheduled discharge time will be made for your pet when they are ready to go home. This discharge appointment will more than likely be with a Qualified Veterinary Nurse/Veterinary Technician. (Unless any complications or concerns were flagged during their stay with us.) We will send you a text when your pet has woken from their anaesthesia, and we will organise a discharge appointment time with you.
You will receive another information form that will highlight all you need to do once your bubs is home with you again. The aftercare your furbaby receives is instrumental in ensuring a healthy and smooth recovery from surgery.
We look forward to seeing you and your precious one soon.
We understand that this may be the first time you and your little one have been separated and that it is a bit scary for you all. We are here to ensure yours and your babies day goes smoothly and quickly. Please let our Customer Support team know if you have any questions or concerns.